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  • How do I get my login information?
    Your login information starts with your email address. This email should be the one given during your membership application. The password was either given to you via IT, or you may have created one during the signup process. Either way, if has been lost, click Forgot Password? on the login page. An email will be sent. Follow those instructions in the email to set a new password. And please remember it!
  • What does "log in" mean?
    When prompted, to log in means to provide secure credentials in order to be allowed to view pages on the website. The credentials are either an email and password combo that you sent up via sign up. (Hope you wrote down the password.) The other credential is a Facebook account of which you are a member of the Seal Beach Yacht Club group AND a current SLBYC member.
  • It says I already have signed up, but I forgot my password.
    The login page has a link "Forgot password?". Click and follow the instructions. Basically you will receive an email with a link. Click the link button and enter a new password. Remember it!!!!
  • What is the difference between sign up and log in?
    A login (email and password) allows you to access the site members-only pages. However, a login must be approved first by the SLBYC webmasters. That is called a sign up. You cannot login until your sign up is approved.
  • I'm stuck! Now what?
    Send an email to and someone will get back to you asap.
  • How do I signup?
    If you are logged in, then you are already signed up. If not, click Login/Signup at the upper right, then click "Signup". Here you will enter the email address you used when you became a member. Enter a good password, and click the Signup Button. (Remember it!!!) An email confirmation will sent to you after the webmaster approves you. That may take a day or two. That's it!
  • What does it mean to sign up?
    To sign up means that you went to the sign up page, and entered your email, and a password you wish to use to log into SLBYC. Alternatively, a SLBYC IT person will do it for you and provide your password. Assuming you are a member, you will be confirmed via email, and will be allowed access into the site using the supplied email and password. This process may take a day or two. (We are volunteers after all :-)
  • What is the 2023-24 website security change?
    The quick answer is that you will need to log in in order to see members-only sections such as event registration, member lists, etc. Only SLBYC current members will be allowed access to registration, member-lists, and other sensitive member information. This change will be rolled out slowly. Members will be encouraged to be sure they can log in, and if not, attempt to do so on their own. There will be help available during the rollout.
  • What must I do for this change?
    If you are logged in, or are able to log in, nothing! If you can't login, see other answers to get a login.
  • How do I know if I am already logged in?
    The top right of the web page will have the "Logout" visible. If it says "Login/Sign up", then your are not logged in. If you are not logged in, click Login/Signup to login.
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