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How to Watch the Live Stream

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How to Live Stream

There is a Samsung android tablet dedicated to live streaming. Using the YouTube app, the stream becomes available on YouTube. After the stream, it remains in our YouTube Club Channel.

  1. Be sure Samsung tablet fully charged. It will last through a 2 hour meeting.

  2. Place the tablet horizontally in the tripod (found in the IT closet).

  3. Turn on the tablet with the on/off button on left top of the tablet.

  4. Swipe up to open to apps. No password needed.

  5. Tap the YouTube icon to open YouTube. (red and white “play” icon)

  6. Tap the circled plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Tap Go Live

  8. Tap the orientation button at the top (rightmost icon) until its says “Horizontal Orientation”.

  9. Tap Next button.

  10. Tap (or be sure) Yes its made for kids

  11. Tap Next

  12. Tap Go Live

  13. Tap the X in the upper left when finished.

  14. Power off the tablet and recharge for the next time.

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